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Industry Advisory Board

Recognised Leaders within the Renewable Energy Sector!
Charles Rendigs
Charles Rendigs

Coming from a successful finance background in New York City in 2005, Charles became involved in a very early Carbon Accounting firm in Australia.

After the carbon price was removed, he concentrated on energy efficiency and renewable energy generation companies and invested in them. Charles is a self-motivated professional providing practical energy efficiency/generation/storage solutions to a variety of market segments; Government, commercial and industrial. Energy management, WPC creation, carbon and asset/infrastructure protection are key drivers.

Sustainability consultant…waste, energy, product design/inputs, modern slavery compliance/reporting/APCO/FSC.

Director of Australian Institute of Energy – Fellow. Nat’l Board, Deputy Chair Melbourne, Member of Energy Efficiency Council, Facility Management Australia and Smart Energy Council.

Energy Lab – Mentor
Startup Bootcamp – Mentor
Vernier Society – Committee Member
Living Legacy Forest – Board Member

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Rohan Ogier

Consultant at Rohan Ogier

Rohan plays a key role in driving the development and delivery of new initiatives to improve the capacity and capability of business systems and staff, particularly in the management of infrastructure projects within a ‘partnering’ environment.

Helping people and organisations to work together to adopt innovations and new ways of working through identifying the drivers for success that each partner needs and assisting them through implementation.

A very skilled and capable individual, Rohan’s experience and knowledge of regulated infrastructure businesses, together with his ability to get the best out of people, is a valuable asset to organisations.

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Adam Ryan
Adam Ryan

Passionate about making a difference by tackling difficult business challenges via the utilization of innovation in unique and disruptive ways. Adam has a successful track record of taking businesses in the early stages or companies and finding ways of collaborating with industry and key strategic players to execute.

He has experience in early-stage businesses to public companies across product and innovation roles, got To Market and sales roles and board roles. He is also giving back to the next generation through a series of mentorship relationships and his work at Monash University, which is one of the leading business schools in Australia.

Specialties: Product Innovation, Design Thinking, Operational Excellence, Start-Ups and High Growth Companies, Payments, Technology Boards, Technology Architecture, Business Process Improvement, Procurement, Tech Go To Market Strategies/Execution, and Seed Investing.

Over 20 years of experience and knowledge at the executive and board levels in technology-based (hardware and software) businesses. A successful track record of product innovation, strategy and execution of building sustainable companies across a variety of sectors through various stages.

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