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Sustainable Energy Forum

Showcasing the region’s role as a renewable energy leader, and discuss the role of renewables and community engagement and value in the Great South Coast.
Event Partners:
REDEI, SEAM, Powercor, Hycel at Deak University, Food Agility CRC, and Moyne Shire.

Powering your Energy Needs

At the Food & Fibre forum, REDEI showcased the key features and benefits of our ‘energy as a service’ model.

Our custom-designed renewable energy systems allow you to;

  • Reduce your operating costs.
  • Secure your energy supply.
  • The ability to be totally off-grid or hybrid connected.

REDEI’s Energy Systems are;

  • Preassembled and factory tested.
  • Integrate with solar, wind, grid power or generators.
  • Comes with market-leading products and system warranties.
  • 24/7 monitoring and rapid response to faults.
  • Plug and play BESS.
  • Rapid deployment and moveable.
  • Locally manufactured, assembled and serviced.

At REDEI, we design renewable energy systems to help you meet your current and future energy requirements.

To understand how renewable energy can benefit your business type, register for a free consult offer!

Watch our full length interview with Dairy Farmer Tim Jelbart
Learn how REDEI’s Renewable Energy Systems have helped power Jelbart Farms energy needs now and for the future!

Food and Fibre logo

Food & Fibre is the representative body for food and fibre on the Great South Coast.  Great South Coast is Victoria’s largest food and fibre region, producing $2.3 billion in agricultural output annually. The food and fibre industry accounts for 60% of the region’s GDP and 21.6% of total jobs.

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    REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions

    REDEI Renewable Energy Solution's team of specialist renewable energy consultants design and implement bespoke energy solutions that solve energy supply, storage, and reliability challenges.

    Energy Where and When its Needed

    Tailored solutions that work autonomously with your mains power, providing consistent, high-volume energy when and where you need it.

    Whole of Life Methodology

    Long-term partnerships with our customers which is reinforced by our commitment to product quality, fit for purpose, and ‘whole of life’ support service.

    Affordable Renewable Energy

    Our ‘energy as a service’ removes the upfront capital expense and associated risks associated with renewable energy solutions.

    Carbon Footprint Reduction

    Meet industry and Government renewable energy mandates to achieve net zero carbon emmisions values.

    Energy Scalability

    Our modular designed solution is fully integrated and tested. Components can also be changed out, allowing the system to scale parallel with your energy needs.

    Energy Resilience

    All REDEI solutions are supported by real-time monitoring and backup capability to minimise or remove any disruptions to the energy supply.

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