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Farm Business Resilience Program - Jelbarts Farm Field Day

Dec 2023

Join national experts and specialists on the latest key technologies to be seen first-hand at Jelbarts Dairy in Leongatha.

Daniel Jung from REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions will be explaining to farmers the benefits of renewable energy, and the various steps to transitioning from SWER (Single Wire Earth Return).
This free event includes interaction with our special guests – short talks, a visit to 3 locations on the property & panel session.
This field day provides the opportunity for all participants to visit 3 information stations, whilst engaging with national experts & specialists on:
• Solar energy applications, cost savings & future plans
• Maternity & calf rearing shedding benefits & relevant tech
• Feed pad & effluent management integration project
• Research & data gathering on biodigester feasibility.

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REDEI - GOLD sponsors of the Korumburra Dairy Show

Sept 2023

REDEI exhibits at the Korumburra Dairy Show September 6th and 7th 2023 at the Korumburra Showgrounds.

Korumburra Dairy Show is an annual event that showcases the latest products, innovation, and services in the dairy industry.

REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions showcased their latest offer to local dairy farmers (using 1, 2, split and 3 phase energy) a Renewable Energy as a Service (REaaS) solution to their power supply problems.

The REaaS model supplies farmers with reliable, sustainable, resilient and cost-effective energy solutions without the need for significant capital investment.

The Korumburra Dairy Expo is a family event with competitions, children’s activities, and farm animals. Visitors to the REDEl’s event stand where able to learn more about how Diary Farmers can install a renewable energy systems without large upfront capital investment.

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REDEI x Deakin University

July 2023

Recently REDEI was fortunate to have a Deakin University Communications student, Elena, as  Social Media Marketing intern in the head office.

Elena had the opportunity to work alongside Marketing Manager, Olivia Loos in a supporting role in customer engagement using various social media platforms, CRM tools and the corporate website.

Elena had the opportunity to elevate her writing and communication skills through constructing REDEI blogs and was able to work amongst career professionals in a fast paced environment with on-the-job training.

Elena had the opportunity to be part of team marketing meetings while also seeing the process behind the planning of important industry events.

Elena has been a valuable asset to the REDEI team and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

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Real Response - First Aid Training for REDEI Employees

June 2023

REDEI employees recently took part in a simulation-based first-aid training course which was conducted by registered training organisation Real Response.

Real Response is a team of passionate and experienced first responders who conduct realistic training scenarios. They are an award-winning company training thousands of individuals across Australia and the world!

REDEI was able to take on firsthand the real response training simulation as a team and tackle role play, fake wounds, flashing lights, smoke and an answering service designed to simulate 000 calls.

Real response has developed their trademark simulation training program to provide higher learning outcomes, mimicking real-life scenarios which can occur.

As simulation based training is seen as a far more advanced training technique, this can prepare participants for the possibilities which they may face in real-life scenarios being a more preferred type of training.

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Swinburne Technology - HR Internship

March 2023

REDEI team had the pleasure of welcoming Kyra, a business student intern from Swinburne Technology to the REDEI Head Office.

Kyra completed a 6-week human resource management internship with REDEI Services where she had the opportunity to work alongside Peoples and Communications Manager, Wendy Bell.

Kyra had the opportunity to “learn more about the process of recruitment, employee relations, training and development.” Kyra was able to gain first-hand experience in various areas of human resource management whilst learning new skills.

The partnership between Swinburn and REDEI offered practical in office experience for Kyra, resulting in her achieving a high distinction on her internship project completed during her time with REDEI!

We wish Kyra all the best on her future endeavours.

To learn more about REDEI please visit our About Us Page >>>

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International Student of the Year

March 2023

REDEI staff member Muhammad Mehdi, former student at Chisholm institute was recognised as international student of the year 2022, at the Chisholm Education Awards.

The award night recognises the excellence and achievements of staff and students. As one of three finalists, Mehdi surpassed his peers and was awarded winner amongst all international students across campuses.

In order to be considered, Mehdi had exceptional academic records, involvement in class, attendance rate and skills such as leadership, communication, team participation, self-resilience in time of challenges and so on.

During his time at Chisholm, Mehdi not only achieved an overall average of high distinctions but also received a Higher Education Scholarship.

Mehdi was able to apply his skills to firsthand industry experience as a student Intern with REDEI services. Mehdi’s vocational training and outstanding performance during his placement, led to him commencing a permanent position within the growing engineering team at REDEI.

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South Gippsland Dairy Expo

September 2022

Helping Dairy Farms make the SWITCH to Renewable Energy

REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions will be exhibiting at this week’s South Gippsland Dairy Expo held in Korumburra (Gippsland Victoria).

REDEI will use this event to meet and discuss with Gippsland farmers how they can more easily switch to renewable energy and regain control of their energy! 

The accredited renewable energy team at REDEI are taking appointments RIGHT NOW with Gippsland farmers to discuss how renewable energy can help them to achieve….

  • Reduce your farm energy operating costs.
  • Secure continuous, high-quality energy.
  • Implement a totally off-grid OR hybrid power connection.

Visit REDEI at the Dairy Expo (Stand 36) Korumburra Showgrounds on September 7-8th. For information about the expo, please visit https://www.dairyexpo.org.au/

REDEI’s Renewable Energy Systems have been helping dairy farmers such as Tim Jelbart to take back control of their farm’s energy.  Watch the Jelbart Dairy case study video to see their results.

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Advancing Australia’s Renewable Energy Zones

September 2022

Advancing Australia’s Renewable Energy Zones
Article by Dr Athmi Jayawardena.

Australia’s energy market has relied on fossil fuels for residential and commercial power generation for centuries, but as we tackle the climate change crisis, we are undergoing a major transformation towards renewable energy

Used by governments to plan the development and implementation of renewable energy projects, Renewable Energy Zones are dedicated geographical areas which have suitable topography and land to support wind and solar farms.

These zones combine storage, such as batteries and high-voltage poles and wires, to deliver energy for residential and commercial purposes.

The effective planning of renewable energy by connecting multiple generators and storage in the same location is a cost-effective way to produce affordable, reliable and clean energy. If planned correctly, Renewable Energy Zones have significant potential to capitalise on economies of scale.

Read the full article here:

Advancing Australia’s Renewable Energy Zones

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Jelbart Dairy Renewable Energy Solutions Case Study

August 2022

Watch our full-length interview with Dairy Farmer Tim Jelbart and learn how REDEI’s Renewable Energy Systems have helped power Jelbart Farm’s energy needs now and in the future!

Showcasing REDEI’s Renewable Energy Solutions used at Jelbarts Dairy, one of South Gippsland’s largest Dairy Farms.  REDEI solves Jelbart Dairy’s energy challenges which include reliable and continuous high-quality power, and their move towards green energy.

Watch Video >>>

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REDEI partners with Great South Coast Food and Fibre Forum

July 2022

At the Food & Fibre forum, REDEI partnered with Great South Coast Food and Fibre Forum to showcase the region’s role as a renewable energy leader. 

The event’s discussion was centred around role the value of renewables and community engagement in the Great South Coast.

Watch our full length interview with Dairy Farmer Tim Jelbart and learn how REDEI’s Renewable Energy Systems have helped power Jelbart Farms energy needs now and for the future!

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For more information, please speak with Olivia Loos +61 3 8752-2379.

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REDEI now accredited with International Organisation for Standardization (ISO)

July 2022

Australian owned and operated REDEI Enterprises Pty Limited has announced that it has been accredited by the rigorous International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) as a quality manufacturer of renewable products and provider of reliable energy services within the renewable energy industry. 

REDEI’s certification means that it has signed on and been accredited with a management system that covers the design, development, maintenance and implementation of business practices that cover:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Assurance in all products and services
  • ISO 14001:2015 – Business policies and procedures to protect & sustain the environment
  • ISO 45001:2018 – Workplace Health and Safety standards to protect its employees, contractors, clients and customers at all times and in every work activity.

Achieving these three ISO certifications highlights REDEI’s innovative and systematic approach to developing best-in-class solutions and shows our commitment to a high standard of work practices, reliability and safety.” explained Max Coulthard – Redei Enterprises Pty Limited Managing Director.

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For more information, please speak with Olivia Loos +61 3 8752-2379.

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REDEI Disco Box+ Discovery Event

February 2022

REDEI “Battery Expert” Mr David Treanor shows off his new REDEI Disco Box and Power Centre at the 2022 Newcastle Caravan Camping & Lifestyle Show in Newcastle.

The REDEI Disco Box and Power Centre is a distribution container for direct current power applications. Australian designed and manufactured, this unit is designed for mobile applications e.g. vehicles, recreation or mobile work centres allowing you easy access to DC power via a range of plug-in sockets.

Event Details: https://www.caravanexpo.com/

For more information, please speak with Dave Treanor on +61 3 8752-2379.

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Energy Innovations Boosting Resilience

December 2021

Due to the uncertainty around energy sources for manufacturers, REDEI Enterprises are making sustainable products, including their own lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Read the full interview with Max Coulthard in the latest edition of Manufacturing Monthly (Page 26)


For more information, please speak with Max Coulthard on +61 3 8752-2379.

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REDEI Showcase their Renewable Energy Solutions at the Bendigo Solar Showcase

November 24th 2021

The event inspired action and encouraged industry and businesses to understand the opportunities for solar and storage in the Loddon Mallee Region.

Bendigo Solar Showcase was designed to:

  • Profiled local renewable projects that have been recently developed.
  • Shared research on the solar potential and economic benefits from renewable energy projects.
  • Exhibited innovative Victorian solar and storage technologies.
  • Networking of more than 100 solar and storage technology companies.
  • Supported the City of Bendigo’s Sustainability and Environment Strategy & Loddon Mallee Regional Renewable Energy Roadmap.

REDEI introduced their new patented modular battery that allows their customers to have batteries the length, height, and width to meet their power needs. This new system can be expanded further to create powerful 12V, 24V, and 240V mobility power stations for caravans, vehicles, and camping; a moveable plug-and-play all-in-one unit.

For more information, please speak with Olivia Loos on +61 3 8752-2379

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