REDEI’s History

Leading the transformation to a clean, reliable, renewable energy future.

REDEI Enterprises is a company born out of expertise and passion for the renewable energy sector. This Australian company was founded in 2019 by the directors of Renewable Energy Alliance Ltd (REA). Those directors were also responsible for the set up and development of other successful businesses, including electrical contractor, EcoPower Group and battery manufacturer, MagEfekt.

REDEI stands for Renewable Energy Design Engineering and Integration.

REDEI is engaged in the business of solving its customers’ energy supply problems.

Today, REDEI Enterprises consists of 6 key divisions: REDEI Services, REDEI Operations, REDEI Innovations, REDEI Solutions and REDEI EcoPower, each with its own area of expertise.

REDEI Services – Provides support services to the other REDEI divisions including accounting and finance, legal, marketing, people and culture, purchasing and information technology.

REDEI Operations – Specialises in the manufacturing of REDEI POWER batteries, Avantess cabinets, containers and mobile power centres.

REDEI Innovations – Designs all products and systems, implement new technologies and all research and development to meet customer needs. It also looks after ISO accreditation (issued March 2022), patents, copyrights and trademarks and industry certifications.

REDEI Solutions – Engineers solutions that meet our customers specific energy needs by using our Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designers and installers. REDEI is also a CEC accredited solar retailer.

REDEI EcoPower – Is a registered electrical contractor with Gold level recognition for excellence in their field by Master Electricians Australia (MEA) as well as winnings a Clean Energy Council Award (CEC) for innovation in installation.