Warehousing & Manufacturing

Industry Summary

The manufacturing and warehousing sectors form crucial components of an efficient supply chain for consumer products purchased online or instore.

Whether it’s to store inventory, manufacturing products, or managing cold storage, these structures are large and often use heavy equipment that can draw a LOT of power.

Outside of staff labour, its power which makes up the greatest cost in this sector.

Being able to control how much power is being used, and when you are using it (peak or off-peak) for a business that operates on high volume with narrow margins can mean the difference between profit or loss.

The Opportunity

The manufacturing and warehousing sector is under constant pressure to keep the countries supply chains moving.  

With a growing trend towards eCommerce and online shopping, the demand for third-party logistical warehousing and freight handling is tipped to skyrocket.  

As consumers demand more local manufacturing, supermarket retailers are demanding more for locally made products for their stores.  

Property developers are targeting new regional growth corridors to create new industrial estates to house large-scale warehouse and manufacturing facilities. 

These new industrial estates are placing immense strain on local infrastructure to support high-volume commercial power consumption, ultimatley resulting in reliability issues and grid power outages.

warehouses and manufacturing sites take back control of their energy - REDEI Renewable Energy


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High Volume Power

For high-volume manufacturing sites and cold storage, to keep their operations running they require a constant supply or high-volume power, especially during their peak demand periods. 

  • High Volume Power
  • Manufacturing Assembly Line Production_REDEI Renewable Energy

    Reliable Power Supply

    Power outages cost money. Regardless, if you are running a manufacturing line or cold storage facility, having energy resilience is an important component of your operations.

  • Reliable Power Supply
  • Warehousing-and-Distribution Centre_REDEI Renewable Energy

    Control of your Energy Costs

    Control your energy during peak and off-peak shaving periods to ensure a consistent and reliable power supply. 

  • Control of your Energy Costs
  • Warehouse Management Robotic Power Supply-REDEI Energy

    Remote Power Access

    Large facilities don’t always have mains power located where it’s needed. Dealing with industrial park owners and energy retailers for upgrades to energy infrastructure can be costly and time-consuming 

  • Remote Power Access
  • Power Interuption for Commercial Businesses_REDEI Renewable Energy2

    Energy Resilience

    For power-dependent sites like cold storage or in-demand 24×7 manufacturing, insulating your supply of energy from peak energy demands, or natural disasters is crucial!

  • Energy Resilience
    • Warehouse Management _REDEI Renewable Energy
      Warehousing-and-Distribution Management_REDEI Renewable Energy

      Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing

      Renewable Energy Solutions now provide companies with far greater access and control than ever before.  Advancements in technology bust the myths of alternative energy options being unreliable OR even expensive. 

      Companies such as REDEI have been working in the manufacturing and warehouse sectors vastly changing the way that large-scale operations manage their energy needs. 

      Their extensive industry experience and proven ability have allowed their team to incorporate a range of different energy options in onsite solutions for their customers e.g. solar, wind, water, and even hydrogen. 

      Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited and Australian owned and operated, you can trust REDEI to implement high-quality, cost-effective, reliable products that deliver high volume electricity for you today and can scale to meet future energy requirements.  

      • Greater control of your energy usage & costs
      • Energy supply resilience
      • Portable power systems
      • High-Volume energy supply
      • Meet net-zero emission targets
      • Energy where and when its needed
      • Rapid set-up.


      So that REDEI can continue to provide quality renewable energy solutions, our team relies on the continuous improvement program and accreditation provided by our industry regulatory partners.  These accreditation programs ensure that our renewable energy products meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar and battery renewable power storage systems.

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