Introducing REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions

REDEI provide innovative, turnkey renewable energy solutions that deliver continuous and reliable energy, where and when you need it! 

Australian-owned and operated REDEI specialist renewable energy consultants design and implement bespoke energy solutions to solve supply, storage, and reliability challenges.

Our extensive industry experience and proven ability allow REDEI to incorporate solar, wind, water, and even hydrogen into our live projects, each returning exceptional results for our clients.

Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited and Australian made, you can trust REDEI to implement high-quality, cost-effective, reliable products that deliver high volume electricity for you today and can scale to meet future energy requirements.

Our tailored renewable energy solutions provide our clients with:

  • Access to affordable energy when and where you need it.
  • Greater on-demand energy capacity.
  • Energy Resilience through reliability and sustainability.
  • Control over your energy costs.
  • Ability to meet renewable energy targets.
  • Australian designed and manufactured products.
  • ‘Whole of life’ solution monitoring, support & maintenance.

REDEI is committed to helping the environment through clean energy.

Our ‘whole of life’ methodology reinforces our commitment to our product quality and assures our customers that we’ll be there to provide system monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing support for the life of your REDEI solution.


Our Leadership Team

Get to know the people behind REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions
Max Coulthard REDEI Energy
Max Coulthard
General Manager REDEI Services

Daniel Jung - REDEI Energy
Daniel Jung
General Manager REDEI Operations

David Treanor - REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions
David Treanor
General Manager REDEI Innovations

Ian Sinkins - REDEI Energy
Ian Sinkins
General Manager REDEI Solutions

Olivia Loos - REDEI Renewable Energy
Olivia Loos
Manager Marketing & Communications

Azrin Chowdhury - REDEI Energy
Azrin Chowdhury
Operations Manager - REDEI

Muhammad Mehdi - REDEI Energy
Muhammad Mehdi
Design Engineer - REDEI

Naeem Tufail - REDEI Energy
Naeem Tufail
Project Engineer - REDEI

Shagun Kaur - REDEI Energy
Shagun Kaur
Mechatronics Engineer - REDEI

Our Service Guarantee

With so many companies providing renewable energy services, it’s critical that you make the right choice when it comes to selecting a renewable energy solution partner. 

Australian-owned and operated REDEI, believes that innovation in clean energy technology will be essential for continued economic prosperity and contributes to global efforts in reducing emissions.  

REDEI is also committed to developing Australian expertise through a collaboration arrangement with like-minded renewable energy evangelists within government, industry, and the research and development sector. 

Our REDEI Service Guarantee is underpinned by our ‘whole of life’ methodology.  This service guarantee reinforces our commitment to product quality, reassuring our customers that we’ll be there to provide system monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing support for the life of your REDEI solution. 

REDEI Service Guarantee
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REDEI is committed to helping the environment through clean energy

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create an end-to-end solution for you.

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