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Climate change is becoming a very real. Unpredictable weather and natural disasters such as bushfires, floods and droughts are making a huge impact on growing seasons and crop yields.
As climate change and carbon emissions in the agricultural industry continue to become the leading topic, Farmers are already starting to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions quantities contributed through out-dated farming practises and the adoption of renewable energy solutions.


With the gross value of Australia’s agricultural production is forecast to reach a record $73.0 billion in 2021–22, Farmers need to meet this growth by scaling their farm operations and balancing their energy needs with meeting carbon emission targets. 

The Australian Government’s 2020 inventory of the nation’s sources of greenhouse gases shows agriculture is responsible for about 13.5% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2018. 

With looming Government mandates for Farmers to reduce their carbon footprint, now is the time for Farmers to begin switching to renewable energy. 

With a successful track record in the Agricultural Industry, REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions use their industry experience to design tailored energy solutions that incorporate a variety of energy options that include solar, wind, water, and hydrogen to deliver an efficient and reliable energy supply for farmers.



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Energy Supply Resilience

Farmers strive to become less reliant on ‘grid connected’ power sources to avoid power disruptions from power grids due to system faults or natural disasters like storms or fires. 

  • Energy Supply Resilience
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    Energy Efficiencies & Costs

    To improve farm running costs, farmers are replacing outdated power set-ups with innovative renewable technologies that are more energy-efficient and flexible in how their supply power to farm infrastructure. 

  • Energy Efficiencies & Costs
  • Sugar-Cane-Agricultural-Industry-net-zero-carbon-emmisions-REDEI-Renewable-Energy-Solutions

    Ability to Scale

    Farmers to remain competitive, they need to scale their production volumes to retain profit margins. Having a quality and reliable supply of energy where and when you need it to support your farm infrastructure and growth demands.   

  • Ability to Scale
  • REDEI How We Help Improve Your Energy Resilience

    Carbon Emission Targets

    It’s inevitable that the Dairy industry will face Government carbon emission mandates.  Crop Farmers need to begin planning for this change and adapting renewable energy solutions to meet the sustainability requirements. 

  • Carbon Emission Targets
  • REDEI Methodology_Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions

    Technology Obsoletion Risks

    As renewable technologies continue to evolve, Farmers need to rely on trusted and experienced solution ‘Australian’ companies to provide quality, full-service and support renewable energy solutions. 

  • Technology Obsoletion Risks
    • Australian-Crop-Farmer-Green-Energy-Solutions-REDEI-Renewable-Energy


      As climate change and carbon emissions become the leading topic across the agriculture industry, and the Australian Government begins to introduce carbon reduction mandates, Crop Farmers are racing to adopt renewable energy technology. 

      With an existing successful track record in the Agricultural Industry, Australian-owned and operated, REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions design tailored energy solutions that incorporate a variety of energy options such as solar, wind, water, and hydrogen. 

      REDEI delivers an efficient and reliable energy supply for farmers, where and when it’s needed, solving their supply, storage, and continuous energy reliability challenges. 

      REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions provide innovative, turn-key renewable energy solutions for farmers to solve their supply, storage, and continuous energy reliability challenges. 

      • Control over your energy costs 
      • Greater on-demand energy capacity
      • Affordable energy when and where you need it
      • Greater energy resilience
      • Meet carbon emission targets 
      • Australian designed and manufactured products


      So that REDEI can continue to provide quality renewable energy solutions, our team relies on the continuous improvement program and accreditation provided by our industry regulatory partners.  These accreditation programs ensure that our renewable energy products meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar and battery renewable power storage systems.

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