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Industry Summary

The adoption of solar energy by Australian Dairy Farmers is not just a matter of energy management; it's a transformative step toward a more sustainable and economically farming.
Farmers are transitioning towards solar energy and battery storage to bolster their resilience against poor quality and unreliable power supply.

The Opportunity

Australian Dairy Farmers have faced significant challenges in recent years, including rising energy costs and the unreliability of grid connections. These issues can hinder farm operations and impact profitability.

To address these concerns, many dairy farmers are turning to renewable energy solutions, which offer a path to greater energy reliability, cost savings, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

By embracing renewable energy, Australian dairy farmers can transform their operations, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Farmers in Victoria’s Gippsland region have already taken up the sustainability challenge and are implementing REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions.

Dairy Industry Renewable Energy Transformation - REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions

Dairy Industry Challenges

Dairy Energy Resilience Renewable Energy Transformation - REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions

Energy Supply Resilience

When the connection to power grids is disrupted due to system faults or natural disasters like storms or fires, farmers are dependant on unreliable diesel generators to keep their businesses running.

  • Energy Supply Resilience
  • Energy Efficiencies & Costs

    To improve running costs, farmers are replacing or upgrading their outdated power supply infrastructure with more innovative and energy-efficient  renewable technologies.

  • Energy Efficiencies & Costs
  • Dairy Farmer Green Energy Net Zero Emmision Targets

    Ability to Scale

    For Dairy Farmers to remain competitive, they need to scale their production volumes to retain profit margins.  Having a quality and reliable supply of energy where and when you need it is essential to support farm growth.

  • Ability to Scale
  • REDEI-renewable-energy-provider-power-solar (1)

    Carbon Emission Targets

    It’s inevitable that the Dairy industry will face Government carbon emission mandates.  Farmers need to begin planning for this change and adopting renewable energy solutions to meet net zero carbon requirements.

  • Carbon Emission Targets
  • REDEI Methodology_Energy Supply

    Technology Obsoletion Risks

    As renewable technologies continue to evolve, Farmers rely on trusted and experienced solution providers like REDEI to provide a quality, full-service, end-to-end energy systems that is monitored and supported locally.

  • Technology Obsoletion Risks
    • REDEI Dairy Farming Renewable Energy Solutions
      Milk Dairy Using Green Energy - REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions

      Dairy Industry Solutions

      REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions provide innovative, turn-key renewable energy solutions to help farmers solve their supply, storage, and continuous energy reliability challenges.

      Australian-owned and operated, REDEI specialist renewable energy consultants each with extensive Dairy industry experience can design energy solutions that incorporate a range of renewable energy options such as solar, wind, water, and even hydrogen, returning exceptional results for Farmers.

      Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited and using Australian-made products, you can trust REDEI to implement a high-quality, cost-effective, reliable energy solution that will deliver high-volume electricity today, and will scale to meet your future energy requirements.

      Our exclusive ‘whole of life’ methodology reinforces our commitment to customers by using only quality and proven technology supported with system monitoring and maintenance for the life of your REDEI solution.

      • Access to affordable energy where and when you need it
      • Greater farm energy resilience
      • Regain control over your power costs
      • Meet pending renewable energy targets
      • Australian designed & manufactured products
      • ‘Whole of life’ solution monitoring, maintenance & support.

      Speak with REDEI about how they can help resolve your energy challenge

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        Renewable Energy Solutions for Dairy


        So that REDEI can continue to provide quality renewable energy solutions, our team relies on the continuous improvement program and accreditation provided by our industry regulatory partners.  These accreditation programs ensure that our renewable energy products meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar and battery renewable power storage systems.

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