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Industry Summary

The ever-increasing demand for beef products by consumers offers a great opportunity to primary beef producers in Australia.

As Australian consumers drive the demand for quality locally produced beef products that are organic, chemical, hormone free, and the ‘farm to plate’ food supply chain is being taken to the next level.

Australian Beef Sustainability Framework defines sustainable beef production and tracks industry performance with the goal of continuous industry improvement and environment sustainability.

Primary Beef Producers are constantly looking for ways to improve their farm operations to produce better-quality products with far greater efficiently.


Beef farming in Australia today is a complex business.

Successful Primary Beef Producers are dealing with Australia’s harsh climate, limited water supply as well as meeting consumers’ demand for producing a product that is free of chemicals and has been produced without detriment to the environment. 

Primary producers are searching for innovative ways to incorporate the use of renewable energy technologies to not only reduce their operational costs but to also provide greater energy flexibility and resilience. 

REDEI Methodology_Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions


Primary Beef Cattle Producer - Renewable Energy Solutions from REDEI

Net Zero Carbon Emissions

It’s inevitable that the Beef industry will face Government carbon emission mandates.  Primary Producers will need to plan early for this change and start adapting their operations to support renewable energy solutions. 

  • Net Zero Carbon Emissions
  • REDEI Methodology_Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions

    Energy Supply Resilience

    When their connection to power grids are disrupted due to system faults or natural disasters like storms or fires, farmers are then reliant on diesel generators to keep their farms running.

  • Energy Supply Resilience
  • REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions_Beef Cattle Farming

    Control Over Energy Costs

    To improve farm running costs, farmers are now beginning to replace or upgrade outdated power supply equipment with more innovative renewable energy technologies.

  • Control Over Energy Costs
  • REDEI Methodology_Energy Supply

    Technology Obsoletion Risks

    As renewable technologies continue to evolve, Farmers need to rely on trusted and experienced solution providers to provide quality full-service, end-to-end systems that will continue to be supported and monitored locally over the life of the technology. 

  • Technology Obsoletion Risks
    • REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions_Beef Cattle Industry
      REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions_Beef Cattle Farming


      Clean energy is helping primary beef producers to become more independent and to build a long-term future on the land for generations to come. 

      Advances in renewables technology result in farmers being able to do everything they could before, and in some cases, a little bit better and minus the carbon emissions.   

      The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework continues to reinforce sustainable beef production, the adoption of renewable energy is starting to drive productivity and cost savings. 

      These changes fall in line with a growing mandate from Government for the industry to reduce their carbon footprint, Beef Cattle Farmers are now racing to implement renewable energy solutions. 

      REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions have been providing farmers with turn-key renewable energy solutions that deliver continuous and reliable energy, where and when they need it.   

      Their highly experienced, specialist renewable energy consultants design and implement bespoke energy solutions to solve farmers’ energy supply, storage, and reliability challenges. 

      • Greater control over energy costs
      • Increased on-demand energy capacity 
      • Affordable energy when and where you need it
      • Greater Energy Resilience
      • Meet emission targets


      So that REDEI can continue to provide quality renewable energy solutions, our team relies on the continuous improvement program and accreditation provided by our industry regulatory partners.  These accreditation programs ensure that our renewable energy products meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar and battery renewable power storage systems.

      CEC_approved-solar-designer-500 300

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