Marine Vessels

Mobile Power Solutions

Australians love being on the water with a recent study highlighting a 40% increase in boat sales over the past 12-months!

Our boating liveable lifestyle is being transformed through technology and onboard systems, each designed for luxury and convienence.

Traditionally, marine vessels have used generators to power onboard systems such as lighting, navigation, and appliances.

REDEI Mobile Power Stations provide efficient and clean power sources that are fully-integrated to the vessels existing power infrastructure.

Powering Marine Vessels

As the advancement in battery energy storage technology improves and becomes more affordable, we’ll see the use of hazardous lead-acid batteries being phased out.

Smaller, lighter, lithium-ion batteries not only provide better performance but can also be powered by renewable green energy sources such as solar and wind.

The rapid adoption of renewable energy solutions in the marine sector is being driven by consumers who want more sustainable energy options.

With the environment in the mind of consumers, boat manufacturers are doing their bit to ensure that their vessels are equipped to support:

  • Carbon footprint reduction.
  • Lower fuel consumption.
  • Less noise and emissions.
  • Onboard power resilience.
  • Lower power costs.
REDEI Mobile Power Solutions for Marine Vessels_Boats_Yachts
REDEI Mobile Power Solutions for Boats and Yachts

REDEI Mobile Power Station

REDEI, a leading provider of mobile power solutions delivers innovative, turn-key renewable energy solutions that deliver continuous and reliable energy, where and when you need it!

Through their outfitting partner network, REDEI power solutions are a robust, compact, and easily transferable mobile power station that is flexible to use, low cost, and simple to maintain.

REDEI Mobile Power Stations are a recognised brand in the market and have been used by leading brands such as Telstra to provide their vehicles with an ‘all in one’ clean, efficient power supply.

Benefits of the REDEI Mobile Power Station

Central Power Distribution Hub

Supports all your power requirements with multiple plug options for 12v or 230v, inbuilt battery that can be charged from the vehicle, mains, or alternative power supply.

True Mobile Energy

The ‘drop in’ all-in-one solution can be transferred across vehicles or used remotely e.g. camping, work sites etc.

Flexible Installation Options

Available as a fully integrated aftermarket power system or as a ‘drop in’ solution that can be easily transferred between vehicles or used externally when camping.

Single Vendor Support

REDEI ‘all in one’ power solutions are packaged and tested before deployment. Benefit from easy support and maintenance from dealing with a single vendor.

Clean and Safe

REDEI Power Solutions have no emissions, so it can be safely used inside the vehicle replacing the need for noisy and messy generators.

Professional Vehicle Installations

REDEI products are sold and implemented by our specialist partner network giving you the assurance that this turnkey power system will work perfectly every time.

Caddy Storage mobile power vehicle outfitters
Caddy Storage

Caddy Storage is a preferred sales agent for REDEI Mobile Power Stations.  Caddy Storage provides vehicle storage solutions – everything from standard to customised vehicle fit-outs and accessories including shelving, drawers & ute canopies and mobile power solutions!

Visit their Website:

Autonexis mobile power vehicle outfitters

AutoNexus is a sales agent for REDEI Mobile Power Solutions and a leading provider of automotive logistics and supply chain solutions.

Their reputation is well-earned by delivering industry expertise and insightful advice to each and every customer since the inception of their business.

Visit their website:

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