Industry Summary

Mobility trends have changed the way we live and work forever! This autonomous, always connected, off-grid powered lifestyle has sparked a massive investment in technology innovation.

Just as Mobile Internet is powering smartphones and tablets with 4g and 5g speeds, mobility has also transformed the way we live and work.

Mobile Power Solutions, using renewable energies is quickly transforming the way businesses communicate and service their customers.

From a lifestyle and leisure point of view, people are equipping recreational vehicles with ‘off-grid’ mobile energy solutions to power devices, lights, refrigeration, even power tools.

Work Vehicles

Transforming the way you work with a fleet vehicle ‘all in one’ Mobile Power Station, providing an easily transferable AC and DC power supply.

Recreation Vehicles

REDEI’s Mobile Power Station is a preconfigured 'all in one' system with power supply, battery storage, and inverter for recreational vehicles.

Marine Vehicles

Renewable energy solutions to replace those heavy lead-acid batteries and diesel generators traditionally powering marine vessels.

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