Industry Summary

As part of the Minerals and Resources Industry, Mining growth has seen strong growth over the past five years.

Major importing countries, such as China and India, have rapidly industrialised over this period, driving demand for a range of natural resources and industrial commodities.

Traditionally, being recognised as a “dirty” industry, Mines can be hazardous in their operations and damaging to the environment through greenhouse gas emissions.

As the world places a much larger focus on reducing carbon emissions through net zero targets, greater emphasis needs to be placed on the introduction of alternative renewable energy sources.

The Opportunity

The disruption to the power supply is one of the top ten business risks in the Mining and Minerals sector.

The amount of energy required to run mine sites and their facilities is extremely large and the mining sector measures their ‘energy intensity’ per tonne of the product being mined (varied across location, mining type, and processing type).

Power usage isn’t just associated with running mine operations, it’s also an essential supply item to support the enormous mining community such as accommodation, cribs, support services, and administration facilities. 

Site infrastructure to support the mining operations is not always centrally located to the mine site. Accommodation, cribs, and support services are generally transportable and when there is no access to mains power, rely on large diesel generators.

REDEI provides renewable energy options such as wind, solar, and even hydrogen as an easily-transported and simple to set-up reliable power source.

Mining and Minerals Sector Renewable Energy Solutions


Open Cut Mine Site Power Management - REDEI Renewable Energy

Control over Energy Supply

Be able to manage the power being supplied where and when during peak periods.

  • Control over Energy Supply
  • Mining and Minerals Sector Renewable Energy Solutions

    Portable Power across Mine Sites

    Portable power supply can be easily and quickly relocated around the site where power is required.

  • Portable Power across Mine Sites
  • Mining Site Buildings

    Cleaner & Quieter Power Solutions

    Solar power with battery storage provides a cleaner, quieter option to power cribs and accommodation.

  • Cleaner & Quieter Power Solutions
  • Remotely Managed Power

    Remote management of your portable power service makes it easier to track and monitor assets.

  • Remotely Managed Power
  • REDEI Methodology_Energy Supply

    Net Zero Emission Targets

    Meet compliance with industry and government environmental policies and legislation.

  • Net Zero Emission Targets
  • Energy Resilience

    Continuous supply of reliable, high-quality power when and where you need it on sites.

  • Energy Resilience
    • Mine Site Power Management - REDEI Renewable Energy


      New technology for the capture, storage, and application of power such as wind, solar, hydro, and the more recent inclusion of hydrogen provides far greater advantages to supporting mine power requirements.

      REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions provide innovative, turn-key renewable energy solutions to help Mines solve their supply, storage, and continuous energy reliability challenges.

      Australian-owned and operated, REDEI Portable Power Solutions are easy to set-up, transportable power stations that can incorporate a range of renewable energy options such as solar, wind, water, and even hydrogen.

      Portable Power Solutions for Mines are designed to be deployed all around Mine sites to power essential service facilities such as administration offices, cribs, and accommodation.

      Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited and using Australian-made products, you can trust REDEI to implement a high-quality, cost-effective, reliable energy solution that will deliver high-volume power where and when you need it on your Mine site.

      • Energy where and when you need it
      • Greater mine site energy resilience
      • Easily transportable and fast deployment
      • Quiet & mess free running
      • Remote monitoring and management


      So that REDEI can continue to provide quality renewable energy solutions, our team relies on the continuous improvement program and accreditation provided by our industry regulatory partners.  These accreditation programs ensure that our renewable energy products meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar and battery renewable power storage systems.

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