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Sustainable Energy for Dairy

The adoption of solar energy by Australian Dairy Farmers is not just a matter of energy management; it's a transformative step toward a more sustainable and economically farming.
Farmers are transitioning towards solar energy and battery storage to bolster their resilience against poor quality and unreliable power supply.

Transitioning from SWER

Dairy farmers face significant challenges that include rising energy costs and the unreliability of grid connections which continue to hinder farm operations and profitability.

Farmers are turning to renewable energy solutions, which offer a path to greater energy reliability, cost savings, sustainability, and operational efficiency.

REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions ‘Energy as a Service’ model is a custom-designed renewable energy system that allows businesses to;

  • Reduce their energy operating costs.
  • Secure continuous high-quality energy.
  • Flexibility to support a totally off-grid or hybrid connection.
  • Meet industry greenhouse emission reduction targets.
  • Improve farm efficiency & profitability.
  • Achieve sustainable farming that can scale.

Discover how REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions is playing a pivotal role in this transition, specialising in regional microgrids to provide farmers with resilient and independent energy ecosystems.

Learn how Tim Jelbart from Jelbart’s 1000 cow rotary dairy in Gippsland has reduced his energy cost and increased his energy capacity using solar panels and battery storage from REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions. Watch the full length video.

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    REDEI - Transitioning Farms from SWER to Renewable Energy
    Transitioning from SWER

    Cultivating Energy Resilience - Read how Australian farmers are transitioning away from Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) towards Renewable Energy Solutions.

    Australian Dairy Farmers Embrace Renewable Energy for Sustainable Farming_image
    Renewables for Resilience

    Read how dairy farmers are transitioning to renewable energy which offers a path to greater energy reliability, cost savings, and sustainable farming.

    REDEI Renewable Energy Guide for Australian Dairy Farmers
    Renewable Energy Guide

    Our Renewable Energy Guide provides the essential steps and considerations for dairy farmers when looking to implement a total renewable energy solution.

    REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions

    REDEI Renewable Energy Solution's team of specialist renewable energy consultants design and implement bespoke energy solutions that solve energy supply, storage, and reliability challenges.

    Energy Where and When its Needed

    Tailored solutions that work autonomously with your mains power, providing consistent, high-volume energy when and where you need it.

    Whole of Life Methodology

    Long-term partnerships with our customers which is reinforced by our commitment to product quality, fit for purpose, and ‘whole of life’ support service.

    Affordable Renewable Energy

    Our ‘energy as a service’ removes the upfront capital expense and associated risks associated with renewable energy solutions.

    Carbon Footprint Reduction

    Meet Dairy industry renewable energy reduction in greenhouse gas emissions targets by 2030.

    Energy Scalability

    Our modular designed solution is fully integrated and tested. Components can also be changed out, allowing the system to scale parallel with your energy needs.

    Energy Resilience

    All REDEI solutions are supported by real-time monitoring and backup capability to minimise or remove any disruptions to the energy supply.

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