REDEI work with Goulburn Valley Water to tackle climate change.

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REDEI Renwable Energy Solutions have been busy working with Solgen for Goulburn Valley Water, on their mission to install 1.9 megawatts of solar energy systems on land and infrastructure right throughout their water service areas. REDEI has been working as the electrical contractor for the project, in sites such as Boradford, Cobram, Kilmore, Kyabram, Numurkah, Tongala as well as 3 locations in Shepparton.

In a bid to tackle the the pressing issue of climate change, Goulburn Valley Water have embarked on the extensive solar energy project. This project has seen more than 4,800 high-efficiency solar PV panels installed and is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, operating costs, and ultimately reduce costs associated with energy bills.

The various sites include a combination of ground mounted panels, installed on available land surrounding Goulburn Valley Water facilities, and roof mounted on some storage tanks and building roofs.  The Goulburn Valley Water project comes at no extra cost to local water customers, as it is part of the wider infrastructure program. The projected savings of the new solar panel system are expected to pay for themselves in around eleven years through reduced energy usage, and have an estimated operating life of 20-30 years.

The total expected reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is approximately 4,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent each year, leading to a much more Eco-friendly future for Goulburn Valley Water.

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