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Sam Loughridge Dairy


Antrim Park
REDEI 4 door Avantess Cabinet

Project Brief

Customer had a 3 Phase power supply to power a Dairy farm with a herd size of 300 head. They were experiencing Issues with their existing system/initial system and incurring very high energy bills.


  • Solar Power
  • Battery Storage
  • REDEI Battery Cabinet
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring


  • Installation of a 59.2 kWp Solar.
  • 58 kWh BESS with 40 kVA Inverter Charger.
  • Hybrid Grid-connected.


  • The new REDEI system, allowed Antrim Park to
    have 54% of their load met by the Renewable Energy.
  • 50% Savings per annum in Energy Bills.

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