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North East Water



Project Brief

REDEI designed a custom system for North East Water in Yackandandah. The system supplies power to the pumping station that supplies water to the entire town. Once installed, the remote monitoring service highlighted that the system was previously having regular brownouts.

The new REDEI system now ensures the pump is always working and no longer stops due to brown outs.


  • Solar Power
  • Battery Storage
  • REDEI Battery Cabinet
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring


  • 40KW Solar
  • 40KWh Battery Storage
  • 30KVA Inverter output
  • Hybrid Grid-connected system


  • Reduction in grid energy spend
  • Reliable energy supply
  • Reduced risk of power outages
  • This project allowed North East Water to contribute to the “Totally Renewable Yackandandah” initiative for the township.

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