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Tim Jelbart


Solar Energy and Battery Storage

Project Brief

Tim Jelbart runs a 1000 cow rotary dairy farm near Leongatha in Gippsland, and
realized that he needed to reduce his energy spend while also reducing the
demands on his limited 40kVA SWER supply transformer. His power demand
was peaking at 70kVA. His energy spend was approximately $60,000/year of
which 54% was during peak tariff time.


  • Solar Power
  • Battery Storage
  • Storage Containers
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring


REDEI Renewable Energy Solutions have been used at Jelbarts Dairy, one of South Gippsland’s largest Dairy Farms.

REDEI installed a 90kWp roof solar and an 80kWh REDEI Lithium Iron Phosphate battery energy storage system (BESS). The entire REDEI energy solution is housed in a locally assembled 20Ft airconditioned custom container and powers the entire dairy farm’s energy requirements.


  • REDEI’s patented 40kVA battery charger is connected to the grid. This brings in any power shortfall the solar and battery cannot supply, mainly during off-peak night hours.
  • REDEI increased the farm’s power supply capacity to 130kVA without the need for a costly grid network upgrade.
  • REDEI’s system is on course to meet the 5-year system payback period as initially calculated during initial design studies.
  • Jelbart dairy now has energy resilience, as the REDEI system operates even when there are grid power outages.
  • Tim now has the capacity to support his farm’s growing energy needs as he expands its production capability now and into the future.

Watch the Video of how REDEI solves Jelbart Dairy’s energy challenges which include reliable and continuous high-quality power, and their move towards green energy.
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