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Tall Trees


Balnarring Nursery

Project Brief

SITE 1: Hot days/peak season and prone to rolling black outs. Although the grid was connected, the client wanted to reduce their energy costs and increase the reliability of energy needs from the existing limited 2-phase 480V grid supply.

SITE 2: has no electricity and the site needed a reliable power supply. Potentially it could have cost 60k+ to get a mains meter installed and with delays of 6-12 months. Wanted an off grid reliable energy system.


  • Solar Power
  • Battery Storage
  • REDEI battery container
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring


Site 1

  • 35Kw Solar
  • 50 kWh Battery storage
  • 20 KVA Inverter output
  • Hybrid grid- connected

Site 2

  • 8 Kw Solar
  • 15 kWh battery storage
  • 8 KVA Inverter output
  • Stand alone powered system (off-grid)


This customer case study highlights the versatility of the REDEI solution as both REDEIS projects for Tall Trees had very different initial issues however they resulted in the same system model though they were designed to solve two different problems for the customer, one being grid connected and
the other totally off grid.

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