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Australian Government (Federal, State and Local) are focusing on their key objectives for renewable energy - to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (net zero emissions).

To date, their two main policy instruments currently driving increases in renewable energy are the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme and state-based feed-in tariff (FiT) schemes.

Government is encouraging the adoption of renewable energy solutions through initiatives such as educational programs, service subsidies, and technology grants.

These initiatives have helped to increase the take-up of renewable energy infrastructure, however, many would argue that Australian businesses are feeling frustrated with the lack of progress, commitment, and uncertainty, so have decided to move forward with their renewable energy solutions.

Opportunity for Change

With around two-thirds of that energy used to power industrial and commercial operations, the majority is supplied by burning coal and natural gas.

With around two-thirds of that energy used to power industrial and commercial operations, the majority is supplied by burning coal and natural gas.

The adoption of alternative renewable energy options by industry is being supported with a range of energy capture and storage solutions, such as wind, solar, hydro, and the more recent inclusion of hydrogen.

Using these alternative energy sources and their technology infrastructure provides industry with far greater flexibility and responsiveness in areas such as:

  • Meeting energy demands during peak supply periods
  • Compliance with Environmental Policies e.g. net zero emission targets
  • Driving advances in new technologies through R&D and innovation
  • Meeting their ‘Charter of Service’ for the delivery of state-wide power (e.g. peak demand periods, natural disasters)
  • Providing ‘Resilience’ of the country’s energy supply
  • Supporting urban growth.

Governments all across the world need to fast-track renewable energy initatives.

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Renewable Energy Innovation

REDEI, an Australian-owned and operated business, believes that innovation in clean energy technology here in Australia is essential for continued economic prosperity and contributes to global efforts in reducing emissions.

Taking this one step further, REDEI, working at the cutting edge of renewable technology, is committed to developing Australian expertise via knowledge sharing and the collaboration of renewable energy information and learnings with like-minded evangelists within government, industry, and the research and development sector.

Doing this will ultimately provide a pathway to the commercialisation for many new technologies and businesses here in Australia who would have otherwise struggled to get off the ground or be potentially move to overseas markets.

REDEI brings together a diverse network of renewable industry experts to share their expertise and drive systemic change in the green energy landscape.

Building networks and collaborating across the green energy sector, REDEI hopes to build skills, encourage R&D dialogue, and develop Australian manufacturing, ultimately driving job growth.

With a core focus on the Environment, REDEI’s Australian Made products are packaged using recycled or renewable materials, minimising the impact on the environment.

REDEI Value Driven Solutions for Government

Australian Designed & Manufactured Products
Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited
Local Manufacturing to Encourage Local Employment
Cos tEffective, Easily Transportable Power Systems
Improved Energy Resilience
Greater Flexibility of Energy Supply
Meet Renewable Energy Targets
‘Whole of life’ Solution Support

How REDEI Helps Government

REDEI provides innovative, turn-key renewable energy solutions that deliver continuous and reliable energy, where and when you need it!

Australian-owned and operated, REDEI specialist renewable energy consultants design and implement bespoke energy solutions to solve supply, storage, and reliability challenges.

Our extensive industry experience and proven ability allow REDEI to incorporate solar, wind, water, and even hydrogen into our live projects, each returning exceptional results for our clients.

Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited and registered as Australian Made, you can trust REDEI to implement high-quality, cost-effective, reliable products that deliver high volume electricity for you today and can scale to meet future energy requirements.


So that REDEI can continue to provide quality renewable energy solutions, our team relies on the continuous improvement programs and accreditation provided by our industry regulatory partners.  These accreditation programs ensure that our renewable energy products meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar and battery renewable power storage systems.

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