Chisholm Institute BET Conference / Expo

REDEI attended Chisholm Institutes hosting of their BET expo were former graduates and industry professionals were invited to join. Individuals had the opportunity to get hands on with a jam-packed agenda throughout the evening. With secondary students, lecturers, family and friends all in attendance. Demonstrations such as:

  • Robot action (Industrial automation)
  • Vision packaging station (robotic industrial automation)
  • Gyroscopes (Dynamics)

     and more were all in full swing keeping attendees busy.

As six participants were chosen by previous lecturers to see if they were interested in taking part in the Q&A alumni panel. Chisholm Institute graduates including Shagun Kaur, who is now employed by REDEI as inhouse Mechatronics Engineer, and Muhammad Mehdi also now a REDEI employee as Design Engineer, chose to take part in the Q&A alumni panel. REDEI’s General manager; David Treanor was also selected as one of the industry judges for the posters and presentations.

With the chosen individuals having the opportunity to answer questions not only about their work experience but their transition from studies into their choice of field. Shagun and Mehdi were able to Share their knowledge and advice with future students who are considering a career in engineering technology.

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